The dependence Il Pittsporo, located just 20metres from the main building and in the same area (no need to cross streets) is the ideal solution if you plan on vacationing with your children in a family hotel in Alba Adriatica. Itís composed by several apartments or family rooms particularly suitable for groups of 4 or 5 people who wish to spend their holiday by the beach in Abruzzi.

Mediterranean style, after an accurate selection of fabrics and materials, it offers a very comfortable accommodation, formed by two large bedrooms, separated by an access room and a comfortable bathroom with shower box and hair dryer. Facilities include 23" color TV, telephone, fan, air conditioning and a private entrance in a beautiful balcony porch. All rooms are cleaned and tidied every day and provided with linen and towels.

All its guests will benefit from the full board and amenities from the hotel, with the only difference of a greater privacy, excellent choice for those who want to enjoy the freedom of a residence swathed in the greenery with the same proven comforts and Doge hotel hospitality. If you think of booking a hotel for children in Alba Adriatica donít look further!

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