Introducing the "HOTEL FOR CHILDREN" in Abruzzi! It is to them that we direct our special attention, because only if the children find what they need and have fun, parents can devote to themselves and the holiday at the Doge Hotel Alba Adriatica spent in a pleasant and cheerful atmosphere becomes memorable for all the family. We are excited to open our doors to some old guests’ children with their family today. Sometimes friendships are made here that last years to come and on Facebook there are groups of people coming here together since 20 years ago!

Alba Adriatica with its microclimate slightly ventilated, wide beaches of fine sand and sloping sea is the perfect place for family vacations near Pescara. The pine forest that separates the beach, 40 meters wide, but extended for nearly a kilometer is ideal for walks during the hottest hours of the day, especially with few months old children. Younger guest are welcome and benefit from special attention and dedicated areas. They can go wild in the garden playground, play table tennis or foosball. On the beach there’s a children’s area with colorful games. We have adult and children bikes even baby seats on demand, if you wish to take a long ride on the bike path by the seashore. We have strollers available, for those who after many diving, running and playing feel tired and cannot walk anymore.

In the garden they will have a good time in the game park, play ping-pong or mini-basket. And if it should rain they could play together in the mini-club or watch the beloved cartoons in the TV room.

The miniclub takes place on the beach or in hotel, a couple of hour in the morning and afternoon. The animation becomes a moment of fun and games for all the children as a group, which obviously helps them make friends. Evening entertainments usually begin with a baby dance and once in a week one of them is dedicated to children.

In case of bad weather the colorful playroom will let them play together with toys, board books and coloring books and in the TV room they can watch cartoons. We even have a Wii console on a wide screen.

Rooms are equipped with cribs, side bedrails, baby baths, baby beds, and if needed even potties.
There’s also a bathroom with a changing table in the lobby.

Goes without saying the restaurant has a special treatment for the younger guests. If our menu doesn’t match your children’s taste we will prepare simpler food or you can order grilled or steamed meat and fish, chopped if it’s necessary as required. Guest needing baby food can enter our restaurant in a more flexible way, precisely; the food will be ready at 12.40pm for lunch and 7.10pm for dinner and for the latest a side buffet offering hot broth, vegetable soup, pasta and baby food. We have high chairs, pillows, cutlery and colorful dishes. In the afternoon we all meet for tea, Nutella parties and other goodies.

And more, for those who still take the bottle, we provide a bottle warmer and our bar is open 24 hours a day serving fresh milk. If needed it’s possible to get teats and pacifiers sterilized.

Finally, and hopefully not needed, we can call a pediatrician for house calls and have a small pediatric emergencies pharmacy.

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